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Built By Women

For Women

Hezalia is a movement, a website, and an online community built to save you time in your search for women’s health professionals and products you will love and trust.


The Hezalia platform features advice, professionals, product recommendations, and a user forum authored by women, for women.

It has never been easier to search by health concern, location, and based on honest user recommendations for women’s health pros and products.

The Hezalia team is motivated by these two goals:

1) To find you the right professional or product for your needs on your very first visit. We want to do away with stories of women’s health issues going untreated or mistreated for years on end, or embarrassing moments of trying to get treatment for, or buy something for your glorious female body.

2) To promote women’s health professionals and femtech founders who will play an essential role in raising the level of women’s health and wellness around the world.


Founded by Lindsey T. H. Jackson, CEO of LTHJ Global, storyteller, women’s health activist, and community-builder, Hezalia is one-part of Lindsey’s bold and assertive mission to raise the level of health, wealth, and self-actualization for millions of women around the world by 2030.

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