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3 Hacks To Stop Caring What People Think of You

By Lindsey T. H. Jackson

Do you waste too much time caring what other people think of you? Ultimately forsaking what is most important... what you think of yourself.

No more!

Thanks to some wonderful tools, which I have included below, I have delved deeper into my practice of self-love and started to develop into the woman and mother I have always wanted to be. Mind you, it is a daily practice that I attend to with care, but the results of my effort are that I move every day closer to ticking all those grand to-do's off my list, and caring less and less about what people think of me.

It is SO freeing!

3 Hacks To Stop Caring What People Think Of You:

1) Surround yourself with all the people other people think are crazy.

In Jump In And Build Your Wings, Lawyer Kristina Larry, reminds us of the risks of surrounding yourself with people who always play it safe. I found it was very inspiring to hang out with people who had spent their lives being considered too loud, too strong, too different. I found that they accepted me as I was, flaws and all.

2) Start creating crap.

Artist Dani Dodge writes about this in, 5 Ways To Tap Into Your Creative Self. This was a huge #mindblown moment for me. I had spent my life so afraid of failure, that I decided to gamify my fear by making a game of intentionally creating crap. If you are anything like me I was raised to be nice, say the right thing, smile, don't cry, look pretty... sheesh. Giving myself permission to create crap was HUGE!

3) Become your own cheerleader.

A large part of why I spent (read: wasted) so much time caring what other people think was that I was seeking validation from them to be myself. I was waiting for them to say something akin to, "Hey, you! You are crazy and I.LOVE.IT!" But the annoying thing that I learned is that we attract what we put out into the world. Because I was playing a part, I attracted people into my life who liked the "character Lindsey," but not the real Lindsey. 

So in order to get over my "validation addiction" I had to start a practice of writing, speaking, and thinking my own self-validation. In this post by Yoga Teacher Lizzie Braicks, Why You Need To Start A Journal, she illustrates how journaling can help develop this important daily practice.

Dear One, I need more people like you in the world. I need you to show up, be yourself, and be real. 

Take some time for you today.

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Lindsey T. H. Jackson Founder & CEO, Hezalia

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