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3 Tips For Staying Sane During The Holidays

Hezalia Blog | By Lindsey T. H. Jackson

As a health and wellness professional for almost twenty years now, I know that the beginning of the holiday season can trigger boundless joy for some, sheer panic for others, and sometimes a hybrid of both.

That's completely normal, Babe!

That's why I have included below my top 3 tips for staying sane during the holiday period. Take a look!

Top 3 Tips For Staying Sane During The Holiday Period:

1) Abandon the idea of being perfect, RIGHT NOW!

There is no perfect meal, no perfectly decorated house, no perfect party dress (although I did ask for this one dress from KFLY for my birthday, and this other dress by BUKI for Christmas) that will not come without a healthy helping of stressing yourself the hell out.

When I asked my kids what their favorite part of last holiday season was they responded, "the box we built a garage out of and Candy Canes." #enoughsaid

Pulling off the "perfect holiday" often takes you away from the most important part of the holiday season... quality time with yourself and, or with your family.

But if you find that you just can't sit still, then I challenge you to look at what else might be coming up. Click here to learn about how easy it can be to start a daily mindfulness practice.

2) Do not avoid food this holiday, avoid making yourself feel gross.

Now I know "gross" is not a technical term but I think we ALL know what "gross" feels like. And the fact is that you know certain foods, or too much of certain foods, make you feel...

- overly tired - bloated and gassy - give you a headache - make you a Grinch to be around

So many women go into the holiday season with fear and internalized rage about what they will or will not eat, add to that the sideways glance from that judgmental relative (you know the one) you may have to contend with.

This year, give yourself permission to trust and communicate sensibly with your body.


3) Take a break from the campaign trail.

I know how tempting it will be to corner that Uncle over the Mashed Potatoes and point out his backwards idea on x topic. Save it, #bossbabe. Do not pass the mash, do not collect $200...

You've been fighting your causes valiantly all year round, but now you need to recharge. Protester burnout is a thing. Remember, the holiday season is just as much about your well-being as it is about anybody else's.

However, that doesn't mean you should just roll over when backed into your own corner. No! Articulate your points, with well-researched facts and resources to back them up. Listen with the intention of hearing and understanding, in lieu of the intention of shifting their opinion. And practice being mindful of when you've had enough, and take your leave of any situation that is detracting from any well-earned opportunity to rest.

Knowing you, you will be back on the trail the day after the holiday. And that's why I love you!

I hope this helps you get a little more holiday in your holiday, My Love. And please drop us a note below or on our Facebook page with any other strategies that you have learned to manage holiday stress!

Take some time for you today,

xx Lindsey T. H. Jackson #healthforwomenbywomen

Lindsey is the Founder & CEO of Hezalia.

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