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5 Reasons Shopping Sustainable Boosts Your Health

By Katy Flynn

Often when we think about health and wellness we tend to think about what we put in our bodies, but what about what we put on our bodies...? How does what you wear link to the overall picture of your health?

Brands that are focused on ethical manufacturing and incorporating quality materials are not just a passing fad, they are the way of the future for an industry that is starting to consider the hefty toll that "fast-fashion" has taken on the environment and on the maker community.

However, the initial expense on sustainable fashion remains a big deterrent for many shoppers. The price tag for a similar dress from a sustainable designer versus from a big name retailer can be hard to justify. But that's where the health part comes in.

Ignoring the chemical make-up of certain materials, and what they are leeching into your skin, or the repercussions of that $5 dress, is as fruitless as ignoring the importance of a good night's sleep. Eventually, it catches up with you. And what may have started as a $5 dress, quickly becomes a pile on of foreseeable (breaks after the first wash) to unforeseeable (health concerns related to dyes and toxins or contributing to low wages) expenses.

In the end, someone pays more.

But let's break it down, I've included 5 Reasons Shopping Sustainable Boosts Your Health:

1) 6.7% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions are from the apparel industry and much of that is pesticides, polyester production and dying/ treating materials. Just like how organic foods are better for our bodies, sustainable organic and natural fibers are better for our environment and bodies.

2) Fewer and better things mean you replace things less and are therefore less wasteful. Buying a few well made items for your closet means you know you can count on looking fabulous in those pieces, and then accent with items you find at clothing swaps or the thrift store. Garments well-tailored for your individual body make you feel more comfortable, which in turn has you shining brighter and enjoying your life more.

3) Self-love and self-respect is also respecting others. We cannot exploit women in one country to empower them in another. Empower the women, the makers, the creatives in your area. When you shop items made abroad, look into the company you’re buying from. Your purchase power is powerful!

4) Create clothing swap parties! It’s a great way to meet other amazing women in your community, you’ll reduce waste, and you can switch your wardrobe around in ways you never thought about before. A positive community is personal health too.

5) Spending your money locally. Empowering makers in your local economy is possibly the most sustainable thing you could do. It reduces carbon by not having things shipped, it helps to provide jobs which keep other local economies going, and keeps quality makers in your neighborhoods. A win-win is what a sustainable future looks like.

As a fashion designer myself, of course I am slightly biased, but I hope this will be enough to give you pause next time you are on the hunt for that special something..

KFLY is the versatile label created by Katy Flynn, who has been designing and making clothing, for women of all shapes and sizes, for over 10 years. Her versatile 4-Way Reversible Dress design has been growing in popularity for the past 5 years with the concept that each woman gets to feel great while looking classy and sexy.

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