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5 Tips for Turning Dreams Into Goals and a Game Plan

Updated: Nov 5, 2018

By Clem Lafrades

If you've been sitting on some really major dreams for awhile that you haven't been able to make big progress on, or haven't really started working towards them at all, then you'll want to implement these 5 tips for turning dreams into goals and a game plan before the light begins to dim, and eventually the dream burns out.

Tip 1:  Forget about waiting for motivation, because it's not going to show up on your doorstep.  We can't order it from Amazon and have it delivered on Prime.  Motivation is a muscle, and like any normal muscle it is weak in the beginning until we work it, build it, and put it through lots of practice and use.  Motivation and enthusiasm feeds off success and the more we feed our motivation, it will grow.  Start with small mini doable goals to succeed in, keeping your word to yourself will make you proud and build that motivation to accomplish more.  The simplest way to start is by creating a To-Do List for the week and every night before bed, list the Top 3 most immediate and urgent things you'll need to do the next day.  Get in the habit of checking things off as you go, even give yourself a gold star sticker next to the listed accomplishment.  You will find that you will accomplish all 3 major tasks and some days you'll even get bonus tasks done.  At the end of the week, look over all of your gold stars and it will motivate you to keep on going.  The feeling of pride and progress will create momentum for your motivation.

Tip 2:  Be super clear about what you want, wishy washy ideas are not real dreams that can be interpreted into a goal or a game plan.  Example:  I want to be happy and healthy is too vague.  What does happy look like for you?  I'm sure there are thousands of people especially in other countries dream to have even half of what you have and would be very happy.  And the term healthy can mean anything, it can be applied to not only physical but mental, emotional, financial, and the state of our relationships.  Physical body health is different for everyone and the desired outcome is by your own preference.  Some desire big muscles while others aspire to walk up 3 floors of stairs without grasping for air and their heart beating out of control.  I know that having wishy washy unclear goals is a way to prevent yourself from getting disappointed because there's no way to measure it's success so there can not be a measure for failure also.  But trust me, clear goals that can be measured has a much higher chance of being accomplished because you'll be able to take temperature along the way to make sure you're on the right track and make quicker shifts in direction when needed.

Tip 3:  Have a back up plan.  It's called the 'If Then' method I learned from the smallest success book I've ever read: "9 things Successful People do differently".  Seriously, it's so thin and small it can fit in your jeans back pocket.  Basically, have a plan B for your goal in case things don't turn out as expected.  Example:  My goals is to replace eating out and going to the drive-thru 5 days a week with home cooked food.  But 'IF' my boss runs our meetings long or all of a sudden I'm told that someone I love is in the hospital, 'THEN' my healthy emergency food stash or meal replacement shake or bar will tie me over until I can get a healthy home cooked meal.

Tip 4:  Put a giant Post-It on your wall, a self stick easel pad, or a large wipe board to Mind Map on.  If you've never made a Mind Map or know how to, it must be the next thing you search and watch on YouTube.  For those who have a hard time trusting the process, uncomfortable with the unknown of what is up ahead, or you feel a bit out of control when you don't know what to expect, a Mind Map will help you see the big picture with all of the little pictures at the same time.  Basically, Mind Mapping is taking your dream, goal, or idea and deconstructing it down to the most simplest and smallest steps that lead to the big picture.  It starts with the end in mind and then reverse engineer's it backwards.  Many need this for self assurance and confidence in taking the first steps towards goal achievement.  But also keep in mind, LIFE HAPPENS.  Things rarely go exactly as we plan.  Remember to have faith and trust that as long as you are moving in the direction of your dreams, everything will turn out in your favor. 

Tip 5:  Get an Accountability-buddy, a coach, a mentor, or make a public proclamation to the world (on social media) of your intentions to accomplish your goal.  You've got to have thick skin & high self confidence for the last option because there will be critics, nay-sayers, haters, and even worse.. friends who tell you you're fine the way you are, you don't need to work towards change, improvement, personal mastery, or betterment of self.  They don't want to put in the work to reach their best potential, and if you do then they'll feel guilty or ashamed around you because they aren't.  Oh so many get-together's I wasn't invited to when I was a personal trainer.  Accountability is really important when we are still really new to keeping promises we make to ourselves but would never disappoint anyone else.  If you have super high confidence, you shouldn't care what people will say or comment.  Be bold and put a ring on it.. publicly proclaim that you're committing.  It's like an extra incentive to succeed when there are lots of eyes watching, cheering for us, wanting to see someone win, or waiting for inspiration and belief that it can be done by an average everyday person just like them. 

Married 20 years, and mother of 2, Clem Lafrades is a serial entrepreneur, with the last 15 years focused in health and fitness. Acting producer of the yearly Victory Natural Northwest drug-free all athletes tested bodybuilding show, Clem recently authored, Slay and Shine Entrepreness Success 90 Day Planner.  A powerful guide promoting women's ability, strength, and power to overcome adversity, evolve through life's seasons, become who they want to be, and design a life of joy.

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