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Affordable Makeup & Skincare


You do not have to break the bank to buy toxin-free makeup and skincare that works! Today Lindsey T. H. Jackson, Founder & CEO of Hezalia, interviews Alondra Garcia, Founder Radiant Elixers. She's young, Latina, and created a lip scrub that left Lindsey feeling all hot and bothered!

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Radiant Elixers' Lip Scrub From $8, In Stock

Who knew kicking back and gently scrubbing your lips could be so relaxing, and if we are honest, a bit of a turn-on! (If we're lying, we're dying!) Lip scrubs come in various flavors - try them all!

Radiant Elixers' Essential Oils -  From $15, In Stock

Rub in emergency! Keep this baby at your desk, next to your bed, in your carrier-bag of choice for immediate de-stressing. Various calming blends to treat headaches, re-energize, naturally aide with sleep, and more.

Radiant Elixers' Body Scrubs - From $12, In Stock

Treat yourself to a calming bath, or scrub away leafy, flaky, dry skin in the shower. You don't need an excuse to treat yourself, Lady. 

Radiant Elixers Face Masks - $15, In Stock

Chocolate, Pink Clay, Tumeric... That's our Friday night sorted. Cook up some olive oil and sea salt popcorn, pop on a movie, and have your own personal Girl's Night. Your face and spirit will thank you, 

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