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Foods That Heal

Updated: Oct 5, 2018

How This Daughter Turned Her Mother's Passing Into Her Life's Work

By Randi Carter

I have been passionate about food and nurturing people back to health since the mid-80's. I saw the healing power of food and healthy living when my mother was diagnosed at 37-year-old with stage four terminal breast cancer. Always the rebel, she opted out of chemo and left the country to seek alternative treatments that were not yet legal here. But it was her avoidance of processed food that my mother attributed much of her longevity to, and to everyone's surprise she lived another 8 years.

In my early twenties I had my own miraculous experience with natural medicine when I went on an elimination diet after a lifetime of ear/nose/throat ailments, surgeries, antibiotics, etc. Three weeks of being gluten and dairy-free and I didn’t even recognize myself, or my life anymore. Before then I thought it was normal to be sick all the time and to be on several prescriptions. I was working at an HMO at the time and had great health benefits for seeing most of the specialists in our health center who could never help me -except with more prescriptions - allergists, surgeons, family docs…..These medical professionals never suggested a diet connection and they never referred me to the expert that I really needed…. the nutritionist. This changed everything and I now knew I had to teach others about food! It seemed that everyone around me was needlessly suffering in some way as a result of their food choices.

Since then, I have spent twenty-five years cooking medicinally for clients that want to regain their health, eliminate symptoms, prevent disease, feel great and look fantastic. After studying Nutrition at Bastyr University, I also learned to cook the tastiest food for prescribed diets. My mother cooked typical American dinners. We ate steamed vegetables with nothing on it each night...gagging it down because those were the rules at our house - veggies are “good for you so just get em' down the hatch”. Bastyr taught me things no culinary program at the time could offer. Sprouting, fermenting, treating food so that you don’t demolish all of the nutrients and medicinal properties...and how to make it sooo delicious, even without the usual ingredients that we are all so used to having. Who knew that food could be such a delight.

We learned about all of the diets/food philosophies - ayurvedic, macrobiotic, vegan, vegetarian, elimination diets, detoxes. I began cooking for coworkers at my first professional job. This turned into a full time personal chef service and then I leased a commercial kitchen and my Delicious Planet meal delivery thrived for fifteen years. Unfortunately, things changed drastically for the country around 2008 and I had to shut down the business a few years later. After three years working for some big catering companies in town, I had to get back to my purpose in life and started my Detox POP UP. Now, I do a delicious organic elimination diet meal delivery that occurs 3x per year every January, May & October. Most of my clients are repeat customers. Their health keeps improving with every program. This is my life’s work and there’s really nothing like running into Seattle-ites who tell me that I have changed their lives! Their success stories make it all worth it!

I’m a Bastyr trained Curative Nutrition Master & Natural Foods Chef inspired by losing my young mother to breast cancer, a lifetime of personal health issues and an epic experience with the elimination diet. My new wellness creation is Detox POP UP, a 28 day elimination diet meal delivery service that “pops up” 3 times a year, providing support and delicious prepared meals for my clients.

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