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Staff Picks: Best Money Reads

We Are Still Scared To Ask For What We Deserve by Lindsey T. H. Jackson, Founder & CEO, Hezalia

"Even though I am considered young by a lot of my peers in the C-suite, I am still often amazed at the subtle ways I have internalized patriarchal thinking. Fighting the urge to apologize before I speak, second-guessing myself mid-sentence, questioning if I am worthy, good-enough, smart-enough to sit at the table with men twice my age, have historically played into my hesitancy to ask for a well-deserved raise or, when I had a stint as a stay-at-home Mom, to demand that I had my own money to spend and invest as I saw fit.

A large shift in my thinking came when I started to struggle in my marriage. It seemed like we were fighting all the time, and one major battle revolved around money. After reading the book Mating In Captivity, by Esther Perele I realized how much my financial freedom was also related to my personal freedom, my right to self-determination. 

Shifting my mindset from a need to be taken care of, protected, and rescued by men, to a mindset of standing on my own two feet, both financially and emotionally has eradicated my fear of asking for what I deserve."

Women Are Not Good With Money by Alexis Pivnicny, Copy Writer, Hezalia

"I have been on my won (trying to live "the dream") for nearly two decades now and I often feel like I have nothing to show for it. Throughout my twenties I made several financial missteps. I spent beyond my means and got myself into some trouble. I tried in vain to dig myself out of the rut I found myself in, but it was like throwing a cup of water on a dumpster fire. I knew I needed to grow the hell up, and quick. I didn't want to file for bankruptcy, but what other options did I have? 

I stumbled across a copy of this silly looking book, Rich Bitch: A Simple 12-Step Plan for Getting Your Financial Life Together... Finally, at a Starbucks in LA. I thought, now #thiswoman knows what I am dealing with. The main takeaway for me was to learn to ask for help. We are seeing more women rise to the top than ever before, and I think there is still this idea that they do it all alone. 

While I'm not a rich $bitch yet, I am closer than I was yesterday simply by learning to ask for help and support, and not feeling ashamed about it."

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Kerry Read is a Financial Planner based in

Seattle, WA. She is passionate about supporting women as they take charge of their financial future. She combines coaching with financial planning, helping to make wealth managemen fun and accessible.


Kristina Larry is the managing attorney for Sassy Litigations a law firm dedicated to defying convention. She focuses on small business and family law. She also runs the two sub-brands, The PreNup Princess and The Seattle Wedding Lawyer.


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