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When The Food & Healthcare System Attack


By Kara Lanay Petry

In a 4 year period of time, our son was diagnosed with 2 digestive disorders along with the inability to process B vitamins, which is crucial for cell health and allowing the body to detoxify itself. My mother was also diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, which would eventually take her life.

These diagnosis plunged us into a state of rapid, intense learning and massive lifestyle changes, not to mention of course all the emotions that come with that. My 'm.o.' to handle crisis is to deep dive into knowledge, as if that may give me more control over what's happening;/ What I learned changed all facets of our lives; how we cooked, which foods we bought, how we filter our water, what we put on our bodies, and gave us a more accurate view of our food and healthcare systems.

I left my career a year ago, to take some time off to recover a bit from the loss of my mom and dedicate myself to Max's health recovery. It's been a good and hard year, full of transitions, successes, set backs, and rest.

When I went to examine what I wanted to do next in my career path, I knew immediately that I had to share, educate and teach about what I had learned about health and wellness: how gut health impacts every system in the body, how to fight cancer with daily changes, why toxins matter, how to reduce chronic inflammation to avoid disease, and so much more! But I wasn't sure where I could find a place to work that allowed me to do that.

I feel so lucky to have found a platform to do what I am passionate about with Beautycounter. This company lobbies in Washington for tougher regulations in the skincare industry, to reduce our exposure to toxic and untested chemicals, some of which are connected with reproductive disorders, endocrine disrupters, and cancer. The last regulation passed in the US in the skincare industry was in 1938, almost 80 years ago!

The US has only banned the useage of 30 chemicals, but the EU has banned over 1300. And Beautycounter? There are 1500 chemicals on our NEVER list, and new science is reviewed every quarter.

Beautycounter let's me share one important aspect of my passion in the health and wellness field. A critical one that impacts our health, and one that's the most simple to change.

My Facebook group 'The Healthy Beauty Aisle' let's me tap into all the rest. The food, detox, and lifestyle recommendations I have found critical in my personal education/experience and in my recent certification as a health coach.

So that's our story and where our path has led us...and I'm excited, excited to help impact and change the health of those I know and love. Thank you to so many people who have supported, encouraged, and picked me back up on this journey. And to those of you who have said to me 'you are going to be amazing at this'!

Here's to our health!

Social Media: Facebook: /betterbeautyboss IG: /betterbeautyboss

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